I noticed it has been since February since I have posted. It's not that we have quit school... I just took a temporary break for my new love of blogging. I knew you'd understand since we have been doing major home remodeling AND I had a baby! We named him Jesse George Ward. (Jesse is my mom's mom's dad's name and George is my dad's dad's name.) I never knew Jesse, but I have learned quite a bit about him and I know he is a special man. I knew my Grandpa George as I lived with him as a teenager. He is the one who taught me how to do laundry and taught me responsibility.

Baby Jesse is such a cutie! He is also a SWEET and sleepy babe! I took him to his 2 week newborn check up today. He has grown a whole inch since birth! I am eating him up and enjoying him all I can. We are getting his newborn pics taken professionally on Wednesday. We have never done that before and Casey agreed to let me do it this time. We are using a new photographer. You can see her blog @ jessiesteele@blogspot.com She has great rates, especially for her talent!

More to come. We are listening to Treasure Island on the MP3. So, while we are listening, I can blog. Good way to multitask, don't you think?

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