Future Mothers Camp

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Thanks for such an awesome day Saturday!!!!  I'm glad I got a chance to come up on Thursday, too :)  Those girls are sweeties.  I went to the H.'s house today and M. and L. were making more friendship bracelets and still talking about the camp.  Huge success!!!!!
 Jennie W. (Clinton, UT)
 Hi Tammy,
I just want to thank you for all the work, energy, time, and sacrifice you and your family put into the two camps last week. We had a lot of fun!  I was so happy I was able to come to both camps, to rub shoulders with other home schoolers, and to get to know you better. 
Becky E. (Syracuse, UT)
Hey Tammy, That was a great camp. You are so awesome!!! Your talents blow me away!! I loved the camp and it was super fun, and I would like to come again next year. Thanks for having us!
Black heart (cards)Patti (Centerville, UT)

Future Mother Camp is a camp designed for homeschool girls by a homeschool mom!

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