So in our home, TJED has been such a primary focus. I have been learning more about mentoring while the kids have been reading, gardening, playing, cooking, crocheting, reading some more, playing and taking care of the new goats, 22 chickens, and baby kittens. We have incubated 12 baby chicks this year and it has been a blast! We have gone on so many field trips I lost count months ago. WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN! Can I just say how much I love to be at home with my kids? Can I just scream it from the roof tops tonight? I LOVE BEING A MOM! Isn't it great to be a mom? We are partners with God in this marvelous mission we call motherhood. I am so grateful for this sacred calling. I am so grateful for this path I am on.

I have found a new passion for books this year. I have a confession! I NEVER, EVER knew that I LOVED to read! Isn't that horrible? I hated it in school growing up. I didn't have time as a young mom. Now that I have so much more free time (HA HA) .... no kidding. I have to make time for it. I was told that I needed to set an example for my kids. It is working. I have to admit... I am not only doing it for that reason anymore. I am really enjoying myself. I will do another post with some of the books I have read this year. I have to go hunt down my list later.

I am excited about learning. I love my huge garden. I love my family!

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