Spring is SPRINGING!!!

A Beautiful Easter Day! I am choosing to pull myself out of the pits and count my blessings and the abundant, wonderful joys in my life. Here is what is new:

New baby for me, 3 new baby kittens, 2 new chicks hatched from our incubator, (so far... we still have 20 to go) and we should have a new batch of bunnies over the next few days. There are tulips and daffodils in bloom. We are letting our goats eat the tender new spring grass ... or shall I say weeds? They are loving it .. not to mention my strawberry plants!

Spring has sprung and it has been such beautiful weather. We have let the boys play, play, play! That means my house is staying cleaner, at least a few hours each day. I have such awesome friends and neighbors! They have been coming over to visit, run errands for me, and loaning us some fantastic dvds. My mom and sister made me some freezer meals over the weekend too! Thank you, Thank you. It is so nice to know I am loved from so many people. God is so great!

My son (7 years old) had been saving up to buy a dirt bike. Each week, Casey and Macado would look online for a couple hours ... searching for the perfect one. Well, they found a bargain they couldn't refuse. They got it for a screaming deal. Then, they ordered the parts necessary to get it running in good condition. They put in a few hours and voila! Now they have a new crazy toy. Good thing we live next to the river bottoms where they can run it to their hearts content.  I will have to get a picture on soon.

Next new thing: My good friend, Becky is giving us a chihuahua. Ever since our dog Daisy died in February, they have been trying to find one. Thank you Becky! We can hardly wait to get Max! He is a sweet little thing. We are going from one extreme to the next! (Giant Schnauzer to smallest breed in the world.)

My thoughtful husband brought me a rose one day after work. I am so overcome with love. He is the most amazing man ever. He has been doing dishes and laundry and really taking good care of me. He has more compassion than anyone I've ever known.

This Easter has been a great day of reflection. We read the book called "How To Be Totally Miserable" by John Bytheway as a family. It is a short read. It is very comical, yet so incredibly insightful. It was the perfect read for me after this week. As a mom of 7, I am not used to laying on my back ... almost constant. (Except for shower and bathroom breaks. Today I moved myself to the couch.) Since I had my migraine to a minimum, I could cope with sun light for a while. It was amazing to be around my kids again. This week will be much different. I am no longer a victim. Life comes in cycles, seasons. This too shall pass. It was good to be reminded of that.

I love my Heavenly Father so much and I am so grateful for His boundless love. I am so thankful for my knowledge of His mercy. The sacrifice of His Son is what makes it possible for us to return to Him again. He has given all. What are you sacrificing? What can we do to show Him that we also love Him? I can devote my life to Him. Glory be to God. I shall love Him forever and ever. It is so nice to have this weekend to reflect on the greatest act ever performed in the history of the world.

Spring is springing!!

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