Natural Healing, Part 2

I have had sickness in our home this past week. So many of these ideas are very fresh on my mind. I am so grateful for "alternative" healing. They really help you feel better!

Strep Throat: This is nothing to mess around with. It can lead to further health complications if not treated and eliminated. That being said, antibiotics are NOT the ONLY way. Treat it naturally with KNOWN ways to get rid of it, for good. Here are 4 ways. Take your pick. We usually do a combination of them to get it gone for good, quickly.

1) Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Gargle with a mixture of 1/2 cup warm water and 1 TBSP of the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar every 30 minutes for a day during the waking hours. When gargling with this mixture, be sure to get it right on the back of your throat and let a tiny bit trickle down. This is for kids (and adults) who are old enough to handle it.

2) Collodial Silver. We take 1/2 teas every 3 hours for 2 days. Do the research yourself. This is a natural anti-biotic without all the negative side effects.

3) Cayenne Pepper. Gargle with a mixture of 1/2 cup warm water and 1/2 teas. of cayenne pepper being sure to not get it on your lips. (It will burn if you get it on your lips, so be careful!) You only need to do this a couple times a day for a couple days.

4) DoTerra Essential Oils has a blend called "On Guard" that shows in studies it kills the streppococcas bacteria.We diffuse it into the air of the room we are in.We put a drop in a large quart size cup and drink on that. You can also mix it with a carrier oil like coconut, almond or olive oil. Rub it on the throat area and glands under the jaw bone. We also rub this on the area around the base of your big toe. I recommend doing some research on Reflexology. I own several books on this and it is amazing!

Other Tips: AVOID SUGAR, DAIRY, ORANGES AND GRAPEFRUITS when you have a sore throat as they can aggravate the condition. Use soft foods. I recommend healthy, nourishing foods like creamy oatmeal & cream of wheat for breakfast; broth soups and green leafy salads for dinner.

I don't recommend the typical throat lozenge they sell in the over the counter area at the grocery stores. Most of them have sugar, corn syrup, cane sugar, granulated sugar, fructose, or other forms of sugar as their main ingredient. If you want to have something to sooth your sore throat, I recommend some tea with licorice root, echinicea or other immune boosting herbs. A brand we enjoy around here is called "Traditional Medicines." Or you can buy them in bulk, typically for cheaper and my brother just told me that they last for about 7 years making them an excellent choice for home storage and emergency preparedness. You can also buy "On Guard" throat lozenges.

Once the throat is feeling better, be sure to continue eating healthy and limit sugar intake. Build up your immunity with known builders.

Wash hands often.


Lynette said...

Hey, Tammy!

I've been a bit apprehensive about asking a rather bold question, but after having met you personally, I think you are the person to ask (albeit online)...I know a lot of people who use essential oils and other ways for natural healing and no one has said it doesn't work...But what about the "placebo effect"? I googled "placebo effect and essential oils" and came up with nothing -- that doesn't really give me an answer...What studies are out there to prove that these things actually work? I'm both intrigued/interested and very skeptical about how these things work -- and the placebo effect. I'm not trying to be rude, but you seem like you know a great deal about this stuff and I've read your other posts about it...I just don't know what to think...You can send me an e-mail with your response, if you'd prefer that... thisisit4us at gmail dot com. Sincerely, Lynette

Tammy said...

Hi Lynette,
I have had years of seeing essential oils work for my family and myself. I use them as my primary medical tool. I use them for almost everything. If you begin using them yourself, you will see the difference. I prefer myself to use them, even in emergency situations.

My little boy fell down the stairs about 10 days ago. His head split open quite badly, quite badly... By using lavender oil on his feet, we were able to keep him calm. We used a homeopathic called Arnica for pain and inflammation. It has healed up quite nicely. We butterfly bandaged it and it looks so good! I really should post on it and share some pictures. We also used Yarrow Flower internally because it helps things heal quickly. I have heard some great stories on it. Prayer was my main tool. God is watching over all of us and just waiting for us to ask Him for help.

That same little boy also got influenza over the Christmas Holiday. We used many things on him, but mainly essential oils. I can't express the gratitude I feel for knowing what I do know. I learned a little at a time. Did you know my brother teaches free classes on herbs and essential oils? His store is in Ogden. He starts the next round of them on the 2nd Tuesday in January. I think they are at 6 pm. Give him a call to be sure. 801-622-2499 His store is on 27th and Washington. His name is Jeremy Dannehl. He also gives good deals to my friends. Go check him out and learn some stuff to help your family. He has taught me a ton over the years.

I don't really know what to say about being skeptical about the oils... except the fact that I have spent thousands of dollars in the early part of my married adult life on things they never fixed. They never even found out what some of them were... irregardless of the money, time and worry spent. Talk about skeptical. I am skeptical of doctors. How is that for an answer? lol

Good luck to ya.

PS. I don't sell them. I say it like it is to help other mothers out there. Happy New Year, my friend.