Natural Healing for INFLUENZA and Coughs

There are so many things you can do out there naturally that there is no reason to NOT do it because they ABSOLUTELY work!

Let's go down the list:

1) Homeopathic Medicine:

2) Essential Oils: I love doTerra, Butterfly Express or Young Living. 95% of what I have is doTerra.

3) Humidifier with distilled water in it and coconut oil and eucalyptus oil in the tray.

4) Delicious, healthy foods to nourish your body.

5) Rest and plenty of it.

6) Hot bath or shower.

7) Tea with raw honey. Herbal Tea... (Licorice Root, Osha Root or good ol' fashioned Ginger Tea)

8) Elder Berry Syrup:Video Tutorial on How to Make It

9) Foot Zoning, EFT, Iridology, etc.

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