Why am I a Foot Zoner?

I just graduated from We Do Feet this past weekend!! (Foot Zoning Academy) That's me in the pink doing some weird pose. lol

It was so neat and FUN! I made some really great friends. I learned a lot. I LOVE THESE GUYS!

I am also so excited to be official. If you'd like a foot zone and live in our area, give me a jingle at 435-553-5749. I am not doing many zones since I am the mom of such a busy household. However, zoning has changed our lives. If you'd like to find out more about it, go to HERE. My zone lasts about 90 minutes right now. Actually, the zone is free and I am only charging for the energy work which is $40 a session starting in January. I have decided to keep my prices at $25 until then. Please contact me if you want to give it a go at the lower rate. 

Some people have asked why I (one of the most frugal women alive) have opted to go to the We Do Feet Academy. I mean, it's not cheap. lol It cost about $4,000 and took 9 months. It was lots of studying and LOTS of time away from my family. I will share with you my story if you want to learn more!

I will tell you it is because I am convinced that it can lead to improved health, better circulation, better relationships, hormone balance, better emotional  health, natural healing of all kinds and more. It can cleanse toxins and leave you feeling quite euphoric. I always feel the windows of HEAVEN open right after a zone. That is probably because it can clear and balance chakras too. 

I don't think I could ever go a whole month without a zone simply because I now know what better balance feels like. 

My last baby (Baby #7) I experienced a prolapse of my girl parts. That's not fun to share, right? I tell you this story not to humiliate myself, but rather because since this has happened to me, I now know that it happens to one out of every two women. It also is good to note that it doesn't matter your ethnicity or if you have had children or not. Whoa. It is like the biggest women secret ever. I was 33 years old and I didn't know what it was. Ugh. I truly didn't feel quite like a woman anymore. After just a few zones, I noticed quite a difference. (And believe me, I'd tried everything.) 

Before trying zoning, I put myself on bed rest for about 10 days after Jace was born. I went and bought an upside down chair and got on it several times a day. I was thinking... gravity, ya know? I had also bought quite a few bulk teas that are supposed to "tighten." Sadly, they just gave my new baby a fierce rash all over his body. I discontinued that. I went to the local girl Dr. who told me (before looking at me) that he'd have to do surgery. *Um ya, there goes your credibility out the window. I mean, he didn't even look at me. He is a surgeon. I went to him for his opinion and got just that. He recommended a weird diaphragm thing but I read that it causes sores inside your vagina, along with severe odor and itching. UM, NO THANK YOU! 

Nothing worked, until the zone. Actually, my first zone, it felt like a snake crawled up inside of me. I am not trying to gross you out or anything. I just know there are LOTS of women out there that are suffering with this and they have NO IDEA what to do. To know that I myself experienced such amazing results the very first time, I was ecstatic! As I continue to strengthen my muscles, release emotions that are blocked, I find continued healing for myself and others. To learn more about a prolapse, watch this short video by Dr. Oz:  HERE There are actually 2 parts to that video, so be sure to click on the one after that when you are done. 

After that, I continued to zone and even paid a pretty penny to get my kids zoned regularly. I just knew it was helping. Then, I was introduced to energy work with a local woman in my stake. She is amazing! I felt the Spirit the first time I entered her home and have been back at least monthly ever since. Do you know why? We are getting RESULTS. My little 2 year old boy's testicle had been swollen for quite some time and through energy work, we were able to release some emotions that were "stuck." No surgery. No pain. Just RESULTS. I, of course cannot tell you what you will experience. (BY LAW) You will have to find out for yourself. 

What have you been dealing with lately that you are about "sick of?" " (No pun intended.)

Do you have back pain? IBS? Trouble sleeping at night? Constant ear infections, yeast infections? I know some of you reading this blog right now are probably skeptical. I remember the first time getting zoned wondering what on earth she was doing. I don't blame ya. I've been there. I've also seen what it has done for my family. Why not give it a try? There are many zoners all over the place. If I am not local to you, try a zoner in your area. You can find a list here: HERE

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