1st Annual Spring Kids Entrepreneurship Fair- NOW FILLED!

I'm sorry. We are NOW FULL. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact the coordinators.


The 1st Annual Spring Kids Entrepreneur Fair!!

Come and let your aspiring business owners come and spread their wings! This is a great opportunity to let your kids learn about money, customer service, supply and demand, business planning, appearances, free enterprise, competition, demeanor, etc. You can take this as far as you want to. There our programs that you can teach this by Boy Scouts of America and there is even a 4H Packet
available for a very inexpensive fee. You can also check out things at the library or let them get their toes wet and learn by trial and error.
My cousin, Jen and I have been brainstorming for months and we are so excited to finally announce the details! We have people that will be joining us
from all over Northern Utah.

Feb 18th (Saturday) from 4 to 7 pm
Set up from 4 to 4:30 pm, Clean up from 6:30 to 7 pm.
We will start promptly at 4:30 pm!

Hervin Bunderson Center (641 E 200 N, Brigham City)Watch for signs!

To help pay for building rental and advertising efforts, please send a check for $2.25 (Each child selling stuff or running a booth spot)
to Tammy Ward, 4790 W 15600 N Garland, UT 84312. Include child's name and what they will be selling. If we do not have your check soon, we will be opening the spots to other interested kids. There is enough room for 55 tables total in the gym. The gymnasium we are using is 63 x 38 ft. We will have kids all the way around the perimeter as well as 4 rows in the middle, back to back. You will need to bring your own table/chairs.

Food is okay. Homemade items are great. Whatever you want! Just keep it family friendly!! Please contact either Tammy Ward at wcheftammy@msn.com or Jennifer Wennergren at jwennergren@hotmail.com if you have any questions. Once we know what people are planning to do for their table, we will post it so that you'll all know what will be there! Oh! And... if you have any pictures or blogs with pictures or more details, please let us know that too! Ages welcome for booths: Kids to 18 yrs. Each participant will have a 6 ft wide space by 4 ft.

Kylee: Assorted hair bows, homemade earrings, crocheted washcloths, flowers, and baby skirts, hats and booties.
Aubree: Assorted homemade bath spa products using pure essential oils; massage oil blends, feet and hand scrubs, bath salts, etc.
Braxee:Kids cheek art.
Kaden: Balloon dart game with rice krispie treats and surprise bag for prizes.
Mason: Homemade assorted muffins, this kid is quite the cook!
Nate: Nate's Book Nook (Used books and homeschooling items)
Daniel: Cold frames, Janet, can you expand on this? Maybe you can post pictures?
Audrey Frazier's: Brownies, cookies, mini pies
Jenny Ray's: Sewing table & Baking table
Emily Daines: Homemade cards
Stacey Johnson's kids: Chocolate mustaches, lego-shaped crayons & paper creations.
Clarissa Jackson- Illustrated Storybooks
Anabel Jackson- Acting Kits (a play and its masks in each kit)
Stockton Jackson- "Snack-o-Rama," with popcorn, trail mix and water bottles
Emily Satterwaite: Indoor frisbees, sewing and crocheted items & homemade wheat bread
Kaiyu Hanks:
Savannah Hanks:
Megan Rodgers: Magnets, decorated pencils & bookmarks
Hanna Mohamed-El Masry: Framed Art
Kyra Johnansen: Clay Sculptures or Knapsacks
Noah Beeli: Yard Tool Organizer
Elizabeth Beeli: Baked items/goods, crocheted items
Rem Shingleton: Survival bracelets
Annie Shingleton: Crocheted coin purses, hot pads, etc.
Becca Frost:
Griffin Frost:
Eva Knighton - Finger puppets, and hair clips
Zeke Knighton - Either baked goods or gently used toys
Carol Bond's son: Ball toss game with baked goods for prizes
Christian and Micah Dean: Harry Potter wands and duct tape crafts
Alicia Boldt's 3 kids:
Vicky Taylor's 3 kids:
Jodi Floyd's 2 kids:
Cheryl Jennings kids:
Austin Joy:
Lydia Gardner: Crocheted flowers & Seek and Finds
Joshua Gardner:
Sami McFarland: Necklaces and home baked items.
Maddi McFarland:
Jack McFarland:
Meg Bailey - homemade bread and Quillows (a lap quilt that tucks itself into a self-contained pillow...pillow and quilt all in one.)
Tina Popham's 3 kids: Papa Murphy's coupons & home made wash cloth/soap things.
Krista's booth: Lego kits and paintings
Justin Lemon: Origami, he makes miniature dragons, boxes, boats, flowers,& more Plus a few treats.
Lemon Brothers: The two of us playing our cellos.
Sarah Draper: fish with moss in a bowl, scarves, bracelets, greeting cards,

Be sure to let me know what your aspiring entrepreneur is planning to bring when you know so I can keep our list updated!

I will be sending out a flier that you can use to invite family, friends, neighbors, etc. to come and support us! We are asking each family participating to invite at least 10 family and friends to come and enjoy the booths and help support the kids. I am also putting an ad in the Brigham City newspaper. I will be making signs with balloons. If you have other ideas to help generate more traffic, be sure to let me know. I am very excited for these kids, who I know will be working hard on their projects and learning as they go. We want it to be a great success for them!

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