Favorite Field Trips This Year!!

Our friends down in Southern Utah.

Kaden at the Treehouse.

Bridges National Park, down by Moab.

Learning about clouds at the Planetarium.

The post about January 10th is quite entertaining, unless you are me, of course. :)

On the moon!

Homeschooling Gymnastics Class (Younger Class!)

Homeschooling Gymnastics Class (Older Class) Getting ready to do some fun stuff! The teachers at Tanglewood Studios are amazing. Plus, their gym is fabulous! My kids love the super bouncy mats!

Mars at the Planetarium. We had about 100 people show up to this. It's fun to set things like this up for our community! Plus, they gave us a KILLER DISCOUNT! That was awesome!

The boys had a blast with their daddy while Kylee and I went to an excellent Conference for Homeschooling in Cache County.
Hogle Zoo (many times)
Clark Planetarium
(My 3 year old says... the dump! lol)
The ChildrenTree House in Ogden (for boys)
Astrocamp (for girls)
Moab, UT and the surrounding areas
Museum in Blanding about the Puebloan Indians
Archaelogical Hikes in Southwest Utah
National Parks in that area (Bridges)
Temple Square in SLC, UT
WSU Ott Planetarium
Roller Skating
Outdoor Expo Fair

Not to mention, Lolipop Days each month,(exploratory learning on assorted themes like space, animals, chocolate, Dr. Seuss and weather), homeschooling gymnastics class, book clubs, play groups, Art Classes and more! Needless to say, we have a lot of fun and are NOT CONFINED to the walls of a classroom like people think.


Melinda said...

Notice Moab was on top!!! OH YEAH!!! We love you guys!

Melinda said...

Notice Moab is the first one!!! OH YEAH!! We love you guys!!!!