Lolipop Project Day!!

Kiddie Korner: Ages about 6 and under playing with tons of fun toys. All the moms bring a tote and they just have a ball for 2 hours. We meet once a month. The kids older than 7 work on projects for 20 minutes and then rotate. This month's theme was SPACE!

Kaden in a fun dress up costume! Hyrum playing with the train tracks!

Kaden with one of his good friends. They worked on these projects faster than I could! I was super impressed with these boys. They whipped out about 20 of these!

Georgie playing with our felt board.

Kaden and his friend.

The girls group playing "Animal Pictionary."

The moms even get to visit!

One of the fun projects!

Wide view of the Kiddie Korner. We had about 40 kids this time. What a fun time!


Having Fun said...

Look like a lot of fun. I look forward when my kiddos are old enough to join in on the fun. My oldest is 4.


Tammy said...

Kids of ALL ages can join in for the Lolipop Project Day! The next one is tomorrow, Veronica! Look on the Box Elder Home Educators Email loop for all the details. Stacey Johnson is heading it up and her theme is Dr. Seuss and his birthday celebration! I bet it will be a lot of fun!