What Are You Excited About Today?

I am super excited about releasing the announcement of our Summer Camps for Home Educated Youth and Kids! This is going to be great! Not only are they both very affordable, we have some fantastic speakers, parent leaders and teachers coming to participate. We are already at 25% capacity for both camps after only one day!! Be sure to get your registrations in right away! This is first come, first serve.

To find out more details, simply click on the link above where it says "Future Mothers Camp" or All Boy Day Camp!

Probably one of the things I am most excited about right now are the science experiments we have planned. I love learning about SOLAR ENERGY. I am a huge fan! One of the activities is to learn about that. We are doing that on both of the camps. Although that is only one of the 30 minute segments, I just know it is going to go over HUGE with the campers and they will LOVE it! It is super interactive and hands on. They will be going home with a fun bag that has fliers with more information and websites to refer them to for continued learning!! You can jump in with them at home after the camp and learn even more together as a family!

Another thing I am super excited about is the Tandy Leather Project for the "All Boys Day Camp." Normally, this kind of a thing is super expensive to do so a lot of people don't really get into it. I am getting us an easy, beginner project to work on for the boys. This isn't your normal camp craft that gets thrown away within a week. This will be a skill learned and they can cherish their project for years to come. Plus, if they don't just absolutely LOVE it, you haven't wasted a lot of money for all of the tools.

Tristen Miller is a good friend of mine. She is one of the best seamstresses and crafty women I know! She has helped me with other homeschooling projects in the past and she is incredibly patient and talented in teaching. She has a different project for the younger group of girls than of the older group. Embroidery is a great skill for the girls to learn!

There are so many things to be excited about for the upcoming summer camps! I love how it is ESPECIALLY FOR HOME EDUCATED YOUTH AND KIDS! This will be a great memory for all involved!

Please pass this information on so that the people who want to participate can. I appreciate your help in getting the word out! We LOVE to make new friends! What a great opportunity for the kids and those involved!

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