"A Mother's Influence" by Margaret D. Nadauld

This book is to uplift and encourage the soul for LDS mama's. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book! The sub-title is "Raising Children to Change The World" and it couldn't be better put. I found the stories to illustrate a particular point very simple, yet profound. If you know a mother who is trying to be her best, this is it! I cried, I laughed. I have read many stories from this book to my family and husband during scripture study this past week or at the dinner table. I read some to my mom while she was over one night. They are touching stories that put things into eternal perspective.

Page 78 talks of a woman by the name of Mary Fielding Smith, who is the widow of Hyrum Smith. (Joseph Smith's brother) The influence of this righteous mother is far reaching as it is estimated that she has over 35,000 descendants-the vast majority of who are faithful members of the Church. The point of the book ... to sum it up is that you have great influence. "The faith of one good woman produced remarkable results." It's a quick read with only 152 pages and they are small pages too.

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