The Future Mothers Camp just got better!!

I just got a call from Diane Prince!! She has agreed to come and do a MASSIVE favor for me! I had hoped that we would be able to bring her up north, but wasn't positive as she has a very busy schedule. When I spoke with her just today, I knew I wouldn't be able to contain myself!! I had to get on here and spread the word! We are so blessed to have her come!

*Diane has a talent for connecting. She makes everyone feel important. I believe it is quite a gift. Every time I see her, I feel like a million bucks after being with her.

*Diane has a aura about her that is magnetic. You can't help but want to be around her.

*Diane has been speaking for many years. She has spoken to youth all over the country. I heard her myself as a 14 year old young woman in Idaho Falls, ID.

*Diane is a current member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, along with her husband.

*Diane is also an author. When attending a Christmas Party at a friend's home a couple years ago, I noticed Diane's book "Trust In The Lord" on their family book shelf. I was so excited to tell them she is my mother's cousin!! That was the first book that my husband and I had read as a couple after being married.

She will be speaking at 1 pm on Friday to our "Future Mother's Camp!!!"

Spread the word! This is the most exciting thing ever!

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