Encouragement To The Pregnant Home Educator

Many of you that read my blog are home educators yourselves. You may have just one child or several children. Perhaps you are not done adding special spirits to your family. Since our family began home educating 5 years ago, we have added two more sons. We are waiting for a baby to come any day, actually. We are very excited!

 This past month has been especially hard for me, physically and emotionally. I guess anyone who has 6 kids and 1 coming knows what I mean when you hit the end month of the pregnancy. I was reading an article that my friend, Gena sent to me when I was preggers with Hyrum. I found it again today and wanted to pass it on. Here is the link:


I highly recommend it for any pregnant home educator to read! Let me know what you think!


Boss said...

That article is a huge encouragement for ANY homeschooling mom. I'll pass this along. Thank you for sharing!

The Owens Family said...

I so needed that. I am at 34 weeks but on low duty till March 22nd and my patiance is wearing thin with two boys 7 and 3 who reolize that they can take advantage of me not being able to follow them around to check up on them.

I need to work on my Christ like attituse toward my boys. I also have a husband who is always worried that I am not teaching them much but this just makes me feel better and makes me realize that I just need to involve my kids in more of what I do every day.

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