Birth Story and Jace's pictures

We named him Jace Henry Ward. Jace means "Healer" and Henry means "Royalty" and "Family Leader." We love the combination of both of these names. Don't worry. I am not big at showing off my stomach, but had to show just how HUGE I got! I was 42 weeks along. It felt good to get him out! :)

A couple days before he was born. 42 weeks along in pregnancy. Waiting patiently. 

Jace Henry Ward, 1st day of life.

He was totally sent from Heaven. I am so grateful to be a mom again. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart. I am so happy!! Being a mom is the best!! I feel very blessed.

Awesome Midwife and her daughter. They were amazing! I highly recommend this team!

Kaden is a big brother for the third time!

Preemie outfits don't really fit. It was a nice thought though. My biggest baby!!

George has been so super excited!! It's "HIS" baby!

Warning: This is very graphic. I don't recommend reading this if you are pregnant. Some might take it as a negative experience. It was actually one of my all time best experiences of my life. Never before have I felt so empowered, like I could do anything. ANYTHING with Christ's help.

Birth story: I hadn't gone to bed yet on March 20th. I was spending some time with my husband talking and hanging out with him. I started surges (another name for contractions) at 11:15 pm. They were consistently coming every 10-15 minutes. They felt very different from any I had had before. Since they both had 45 minutes to drive (my mom and Sandra- my midwife) and I just KNEW that everything would go so quickly, I didn't want them to miss it. Neither Casey or I had gone to sleep. I was having him read stuff from my hypnobirthing book and I started to listen to my "Rainbow CD."

I called my mom at 1:23 am to come up. Then, I called my midwife, Sandra a few minutes later. My mom got here at 2:15 am and Sandra and her daughter (her assistant) got here at 2:45 am. My mom started to rub my feet for a few minutes with clary sage essential oil. The surges continued growing closer together and more intense. I went to the bathroom at 3:30 am and there was some pink. My mucous plug had released. I got in the shower for some relief, but quickly ran out of hot water.

 At 4:58, I had my midwife check the dilation of my cervix for the very first time. I asked her to not tell me. I didn't want to know if I still was a long way away. It turns out that I was about a 6+ and she could feel his head. (I found out much later.) I continued emptying my bladder every time it felt full. About 6:30, I started throwing up. I decided I was at the end and going to be having him soon so I had them get the bath water ready. The original plan was to deliver him right in the bath. In my research and talking to other moms, I learned that water is like a natural epidural. I needed some relief. I was doing good breathing through my surges. I felt like I was relaxed as I could be. I was completely confident in everything that was going on and in fact, I felt in control.

I got in the bath not too long after 6:30 and rested during surges. I felt so much better. My surges started to get farther apart but were still very, very intense. Sandra and Casey took turns pouring warm water over my abdomen area. I just knew he was coming out soon. It couldn't get too much more painful. At about 8 am, I had one that was so intense, I finally started to cry. I asked my daughters to leave the room. I didn't want them to see me struggling like that. I had wanted to stay in control the whole time. My midwife suggested I needed to get out of the bath. I had been so sure I was at the end AND that I was going to deliver in the bath. I was afraid to leave the water. However, I had been in there for about 90 minutes and it hadn't happened yet. I was so scared to get out. She recommended that if I thought it would help, my husband give me a Priesthood blessing. He did. One of the things he reminded me of in the blessing was that our Savior, Jesus Christ could take my burden if I would allow Him to do so. That gave me the much needed courage to continue. I visualized Him being right there with me and me handing Him my struggle. My husband tole me later he was also doing the same thing and that is what helped him to get through. I know it was hard for my sweet husband to see my like that. He held up so well. I am so grateful for our Savior, who helped us both come together and follow His will.

 Sandra gave me some natural labor inducing homeopathic medicine to help move things along. Between getting out of the water, moving my position and that... it worked. I walked around for a minute but was quickly unsure of what to do next. You see, this was not part of MY plan. Luckily, my sweet husband had given me that blessing. It gave me much comfort. I had been doubting myself so much before that. At 8:20 am, I walked into my bedroom and stood there during surges holding on to Casey's neck for support while Sandra pressed on the sacrum pressure points on my back. I wish I had known then that I was so close. I couldn't stand up anymore. I got down on my knees. That wasn't working either. I didn't know what to do next. At the suggestion of those around me, I made low moaning sounds and tried to relax. I stood up again and for the first time tried pushing. I was all against pushing before that moment. I thought I could breathe him down. (I am confident I could have... had the cord not been around him the way it was.)

Finally, I screamed, "I've got to get this baby OUT!" Of course, it wasn't too loud but it was all I had. I'm not even sure if anyone heard me. I pushed as hard as I could and my water broke. I pushed one more time and his head popped out FAST. Rita went and grabbed the kids who were just hanging out in the next room. All six of the kids were right there watching their youngest brother be born at the very last moment. I pushed one more time and he was out. Sandra had to unwrap his umbilical cord. It was wrapped all the way around his body in the stomach area and then up all the way around one shoulder. (That is one of the reasons we think my labor was 10 hours long and not shorter. He probably would have actually been born in the bath.)

Nothing I could ever say could describe the feelings that happened next. I got on my knees and she handed him to me in between my legs. I sat down and just held him. WHAT A FEELING! I had him against my skin. We just adore him. He is a precious little spirit and I am so blessed to be his mother. Casey was the most excellent birth partner ever. He never left my side. He was everything I needed him to be. I have never loved him more that I do right now. He truly was my knight in shining armor. I am so grateful that God allowed me to have this amazing experience. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would. (I'd probably try pushing sooner though. ha ha)

Hyrum (my four year old) cut the umbilical cord.  (with a little help) He thought that was so cool. We left the placenta alone and I delivered it about an hour or so later. Jace's color is good. His weight is good. He barely cried at all when he came out. He was so peaceful, just looking at me. CALM is the word to describe him. I fed him right away. I will never forget our amazing experience.

Please forgive me grammatical errors and TOTAL GRAPHIC DETAILS. I am tired from being a new mama and really don't feel the need to edit. :) Hope you enjoyed reading our experience. 


Rebecca said...

Tammy, I loved reading your birth story! Congratulations!

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Just beautiful, Tammy! Congratulations! You are amazing. <3 Sally

Celestia said...

Congratulations Tammy! Nothing beats the feeling after giving birth naturally! What elation! I am so proud of you! Your baby is beautiful! Happy nursing!

sevenrhinos said...

Wow, Tammy, what an amazing post. How blessed you are. Thanks for sharing such a precious expercience.

Mindy said...

Wow! Congrats Tammy and Congratulations on the sweet new baby! That's an amazing story and I'm so happy for you guys! :)

Tammy said...

Thanks, everyone! I am absolutely loving being a new mama again. I am so blessed to have all this extra help this time. The girls have volunteered to keep the house clean. Casey has been home and won't go back to work til later this week. He has even been doing some painting projects!!

Kristine Anderson said...

congrats Tammy! hope you guys can make it to the reunion so we can see your new sweet little one!