EVEN MORE FUN in Store At The Summer Camps!

I just made some super fun purchases for our Summer Camps! Have you ever seen those super fun, colorful tubes that you crawl through? I just bought one of those for our obstacle course!! 

I also picked up a whole set of dodge balls for some of our relay races. Then, I couldn't resist the GIANT PARACHUTE for the younger groups!!! We are going to have a blast! We also grabbed 20 new orange cones, hula hoops and a few other fun items for our outdoor fun!! 

We are down to just 3 openings left for the boy's camp and I have 12 spots now open & available for the Future Mother's Camp! I think we are down to the wire. If you are going to sign your kids up, now is the time! I have to say ... that I am having a ridiculous amount of fun planning these awesome summer camps!


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