Celebrating Easter 2012

When I was in labor last week, I needed more than ever the gift of our Savior. He lifted my burden. I am so grateful for His sacrifice for me. I am so grateful that He suffered for my sins and that He is able to lift my burden. My experience last week has surely given me a new perspective on many things.

I have been doing preparations for our family celebration of Easter and it's true meaning. We made an "Easter Tree" on Sunday. Braxee helped me laminate the cards and it looks pretty nice. It looks just like the one on her blog. I love the 30 day countdown idea she has. All the work is done for you! Here is the link for it:


I love the 4 minute video below. It is by the apostle, Jeffrey R. Holland. It really moved me and I wanted to share:


Here is a fun idea for a family home evening lesson for Easter. Scroll down to the bottom of it and you'll come to the cute "NEIGHBOR EGG-ING" idea" and the homemade Easter Lilly Bouquet. We are going to make some of those tomorrow and put them with treats to take to some of the widows in our ward. I know my littles will love that.


We are adding new activities every day to our devotional. Each day we are doing activities around the Savior so we can really focus on Him and what He has done for us. I love getting new ideas for Easter! What are some of your family's traditions to help focus on Jesus? Feel free to share!

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