Wet Oatmeal Kisses

 Every single day, I immerse myself in one topic. That is, MOTHERHOOD. It is not a bad word. It is not a word to be said quietly. It is a word that is busting with JOY. I love to be a mother. Read my friend and her sweet thoughts on being a mom on her blog. The link is posted below. It offered solace to my soul today. As I type this with my one week old in my lap, my one year old jumping "horsey" next to me and my 13 year old whining that she can't leave the house. Then, there is my 12 year old cleaning a "surprise" for me and my 10 year old doing the dishes. My 7 year old feeding the animals. Ahhhh. I love being a mom. Even now, with fresh hormone imbalance and new remodeling projects making my house askew. Enjoy.

Thank you for sharing your sweet thoughts on being a mom, Tracy! 

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