Homeschool Youth Day at AWHC

We've arranged a great day for the Homeschooling Youth of Northern Utah!! It will be held at the American West Heritage Center.  www.awhc.org   Drop off is at 10 am. Please contact me to sign your son or daughter up for this exciting, fun filled day of growth. This is for ages 12 to 18. (No Exceptions. Sorry!) Only $6 per person for the day! What a great bargain for all that they will get to experience. Parents are welcome to attend and observe/participate. They will also need to pay. I need to tally a headcount for them so please RSVP to wcheftammy@mns.com with your number. No younger siblings in tow, please.

10 am to Noon: Bridgerland Games is one of our most popular activities for groups. Activities will include: tomahawk throwing, buffalo chip toss, flint and steel fire starting, two-man log sawing & archery. $3 per person. 

Noon - 1 pm: We will then have lunch together as a group. Please bring your own picnic lunch and drink. 

1 pm - 3 pm: Peter Maughan Teamwork Course: Our pioneer themed "Team work and Team building” course is patterned after a modern “Challenge Initiative Games” course. It has a pioneer theme because it employs plausible historical pioneer challenges such as river crossings, river rescues, battling crickets, or finding food as the basis for team building activities. It is designed to improve teamwork skills, break down barriers and stereotypes, improve the confidence of participants and provide a physical and/or mental challenge. It is named after Peter Maughan, who led the original group of settlers to Cache Valley and settled Maughan’s Fort. He and his family, along with 6 other families would have had to work and play well together. $3 per person.

3 pm - 5 pm: Group Service Project @ AWHC, which is a non-profit organization. (Optional, but encouraged. Please let me know if your youth will be staying for this portion.)

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