St. Patrick's Day and Rainbow Unit

I found this fun blog that has some great Montessori ideas on it! Here is what we did today (3/14):


When that was complete, the boys and I had a "Rainbow Treasure Hunt." I hid a box of sour skittles in low random locations all over the family room. They decorated some green paper bags I picked up at Wal mart for $0.33 They had fun doing that with their sisters. Then, they came in and I had it all ready. They had a ball gathering the tiny bits of candy.
When they were done, I had them count all that they had gotten. Kaden had collected 44. Hyrum had collected 23. George's big number was 12! They separated them into the colors. Then, counted them again.

Then, they made a graph. Macado is the only one who wrote his numbers in, but he is 7. Sunbeam is only 4. He had a lot of fun decorating his bag and then eating his candy. Oh! I almost forgot. We did some sensory processing by determining which color had the most "sour power!" They decided the red one is by far the most tangy. We recorded a video of Handsome eating it and making the most hilarious faces! I wish I knew how to do videos on here. I'll have to see if I can figure it out. I still consider myself a new blogger. That was some of our fun rainbow fun!We included math, sensory, problem solving, art and science... all in one!

Later this week, we are going to be mixing up some St. Patrick's Day treats! In the process, we will be mixing colors for the rainbows. That will be a fun, hands on science and home making activity. Then, we are planning on using our new hole punches to make some fun pattern strips. We will do these with all different colors of construction paper.

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