Bake Sale Rescheduled til later in JUNE.

Bake Sale rescheduled until later in June. MORE DETAILS TO COME LATER.

Those of you that follow me at all or know me personally know that I have a lot in common with Glenn Beck. I listen to his radio program when I get a chance. I watch his shows on GBTV.COM and my kids watch the Liberty Treehouse on GBTV.COM We find it educational, entertaining and empowering. Well, lately Glenn Beck has been challenging us to teach ENTREPRENEURSHIP to our kids! I feel super special since we have been doing just that for the last year.

 In fact, on February 18th, our we hosted an Entrepreneurship Fair with our homeschooling community. It was a raging success! We had people attend from Preston, ID down to SLC, UT and it was in little, old Brigham City. Read more here: http://upandcomingentrepreneurs.blogspot.com/2012/02/first-fair-was-great-success.html

Let's get it going and have some fun!

For more details on what Glenn is saying go here:

If you don't live local to us, but would like to either support or set up your own lemonade stand, go here: www.glennbeck.com/lemonade

Some of the proceeds will go to donating food at a local soup kitchen. (BY MERCURY ONE) SUPER COOL! We get to do a bake sale / lemonade stand AND make a difference all in one day! WAHOO! It doesn't get much more fun than that! Here is the link for other lemonade stands (and ours) across the country:

We are joining in the Entrepreneurial FUN! Come help support us! Your kids can join in on their own lemonade stand and bake sale or come and support us at ours! We will be texting, emailing and sending flyers around to promote this event to our local friends and family as well! June 13, Wednesday from 4 to 8 pm.

We will be selling cupcakes, cookies, peanut butter bars, pies, banana bread and more!! Come and check us out! The location will be our home. Contact us for address and directions!

Why is Entrepreneurship important for our country? Why do we want to teach our kids how to work anyway? Find out more here:  http://web.gbtv.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=21697609&topic_id=&tcid=vpp_copy_21697609&v=3

We also have our Entrepreneur Club set up for this Summer! Please contact me if you'd like more details for your kids ages 10+! We still have some spots open. It will be held once a month and is $8. We will be doing a group business project too!

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