Summer Camp Testimonials

 Thanks for such an awesome day Saturday!!!!  I'm glad I got a chance to come up on Thursday, too :)  Those girls are sweeties.  I went to the H.'s house today and M. and L. were making more friendship bracelets and still talking about the camp.  Huge success!!!!! 
 Jennie W. (Clinton, UT)
 Hi Tammy,
I just want to thank you for all the work, energy, time, and sacrifice you and your family put into the two camps last week. We had a lot of fun!  I was so happy I was able to come to both camps, to rub shoulders with other home schoolers, and to get to know you better. 
Becky E. (Syracuse, UT)
Hey Tammy, That was a great camp. You are so awesome!!! Your talents blow me away!! I loved the camp and it was super fun, and I would like to come again next year. Thanks for having us!
Black heart (cards)Patti (Centerville, UT)
Dear Tammy and Family,
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for hosting the Mother's and Boys camps. They benefited our children so, so much.
H., who braided friendship bracelets in the girls and leaders hair, just had the most amazing experience. Her self esteem and self confident seemed to grow over night. I think for the first time in her life, she felt admired and beautiful by other girls and leaders. Thank you for giving her that gift. She just glowed and beamed when she came home and talks about how much fun she had, what an enjoyable experience it was and how wonderful everyone treated each other.
She attended girls camp with our ward last year and had just a terrible time. This camp helped her to see what a camp should be like and that their are other girls just like her out in the world, that she is not alone in her values, character, personality and quirks.
She loved, loved, loved meeting everyone and having such a great time and making new friends.
M., the little boy who shared his solar print paper, didn't feel odd or out of place. He didn't feel like he was different or ignored by others. He had such a wonderful time. His self confidence and self esteem also grew. He liked the praise and admiration in doing something that Christ would do. He liked that he wasn't compared to other boys and found lacking for one reason or another.
A., the little boy who, "Had the best day ever!" had such a blast. He just had so much fun being with other boys and doing boys things. He loves the outdoors and is so looking forward to being a scout. He is the only boy in his primary class full of girls so being with a bunch of boys was great. He liked being praised for shooting his bow and arrow and getting a bull's eye. He just knows he is the smartest and strongest boys around now.
All three of them talked about the things they could do and I never heard a negative moment or comparison from them. It was all positive reinforcement for them. They all three shared songs and sang some of the songs together yesterday and talked about all the 'cool' things that they had done.
My husband, Darin, had almost as good a day as the boys. He has been working and sacrificing so much for our family for the past eight years and hasn't had time to stop and smell the roses in a long time. He had forgotten how much fun he could have with his children and the boys camp reawakened that in him. He just loved seeing his boys do fun things, hearing about how kind they were to others, seeing their self esteem grow before his very eyes, and associate with like minded people that have the same values and principals as we do. He liked seeing how kind everyone was to each other and how none of the boys or adults made fun of each other, rather everyone tried to help and uplift each other. It was so a great experience for him on so many different levels.
Thank you again and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family.
 Chablis P. (Roy, UT)


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