Dinner Menu

Each of the three girls help with meal preparation in our house. It makes life sane. Our Japanese exchange student tells Sparkle that she is a CHEF! ;) It is a blessing to know how to cook. I am grateful for their strong desire to constantly improve.

Breakfast: Either six grain mix from Honeyville Grain with coconut oil, peanut butter and bananas OR homemade cream of wheat with raw honey and almond milk or brown sugar along with fruit. We very rarely have cold cereal around here. Not only is it quite expensive, but it is crazy on the glycemic index. (Oh! AND SUPER EXPENSIVE!) We also love our farm fresh eggs! (We have about 20 chickens!) We will do scrambled eggs, cheese and onions and garlic cooked with a bit of cooking oil... with pancakes or french toast with homemade syrup!

Lunch: Leftovers, Quick Soup or Sandwiches...

Dinner Menu

Sunday: Assorted

Monday: Mexican Theme
Tacos, taco salad, fajitas, burritos, tortilla soup, enchiladas, quesadillas, scones with taco toppings, taco ring, etc.

Tuesday: Italian Theme
Spaghetti, Lasagna, Fettucini Alfredo, Pizza, gulosh, etc.

Wednesday: Asian Theme
Stir fry, chow mein, egg rolls, won ton salad, asian citrus salad, miso soup, ham fried rice, etc.

Thursday: Soup Night
Corn chowder, cheesy broccoli, creamy potato, tomato, chicken noodle, split pea, chili, etc.

Friday: Casseroles
Chicken and rice, funeral potatoes, mashed potatoes and tuna fish dressing, tuna casserole, tater tot casserole, shepherds pie, macaroni and cheese, chicken bundles, etc.

Saturday: Leftovers, Crockpot or Breakfast for Dinner!

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