The JOYS of NO Television...

This is a foreign concept to many in today's world. I know. However, this is from our family's perspective. I know many disagree with me and I am A-OKAY with that!

1. More Family Time!

You know exactly what I am talking about on this one! If you are not living in a "virtual world," that means you have time and get to actually experience the world! Our relationships are better because we have more time to give each other. We know each other better too.

2. More Study Time!

... for anything you want to learn about! I love the saying, "If you are too busy to read your scriptures, than you are just too busy." Do you have enough time to devote to studying the Word of God? If not, look at the time wasters in your life. Chances are, if you have T.V. it could be counted as a time waster. More study time = more knowledge... and that is a good thing! There are only a few things you can take with you at the end of this life, and that is one of them. (Side note: Facebook was also a huge time waster for me! It has been almost a year since I deleted my account! I have enough time ti be the mom I want to be.)

3. More Hobby Time!

As a busy mama, I rarely find time to do hobbies! I'd rather do one of them than watch T.V. ... that is for sure!

4. Less Filth From The World.

I can't even stand commercials! They have so much immorality in them. The sitcoms of today are all about tearing down the things that I hold most dear. The family. I am grateful to be able to replace those role models with positive role models for my family. (There are plenty in the Classics!)

5. LESS Pornographic Images For My Kids Impressionable Minds.

They are everywhere! Youtube.com, billboards driving down the road, in WII or other video games played at church activities and family reunions, magazines at the grocery store check out, etc. We don't live inside a bubble, but we can keep our mind cleaner with less of those images in our mind!

6. LESS materialism. "I want, want, want..."

Less advertising viewed = less materialism. I remember when we used to watch television, my girls always had to have the latest fads. They wanted to wear certain clothing so they could "fit in" and they wanted the latest toys so they could "feel cool." They are more content with having less. I am so grateful for this JOY of not having a television.

7. More fulfillment. More covenant keeping.

More happiness and contentment = less greed and selfishness. More gratitude, more positive thinking. PERIOD. You will have a stronger ability to show more devotion, more commitment, more trust to your Savior. You cannot take this one for granted.

8. Less immorality & foul language.

Kids are impressionable. Have you ever said something you wish you hadn't, only to find your 5 year old repeating you? I am grateful they don't pick up negative values and language from the media out there. Kids are parrots and they are watching. If you watch programs that demonstrate values that are not "okay" with you, BE CAREFUL. What you are SAYING is not as loud as what you are DOING. Silence is consent. You are showing them simply by watching it, that you agree with it.

Yesterday, my four year old asked the Sister Missionary at Temple Square in SLC if she had a phone. She laughed and said he must have seen that on T.V. Ummmmm.... no. That is Hyrum. I can't imagine Hyrum on T.V. lol

* * * * * * * * * * *                               * * * * * * * * * *
They are learning now the differences by having positive choices placed before them. By setting a good example and putting the emphasis on the positive choices out there, they are learning for themselves the differences between right and wrong. There are so many positive media choices out there!

I would never give my kids poison that could harm their physical bodies. I would also never do that to their spirit. It is the same thing when you let them watch harmful media. I am grateful to the God in Heaven who gives us direction for our families. I am so incredibly indebted to my Savior, Jesus Christ for His Sacrifice for me.

Here are some links about the harmful effects of television on children. Just scan through them! THEY ARE SHOCKING!!!




Shelly said...

Tammy, how do I get BRAVE enough to take that step??!!! I have thought about getting rid of the TV many times, but I am just not brave enough to take the plunge. Why?
1. Because, I will admit it, I don't want to lose out on MY shows. Ironically enough, two of my favorite shows are reality shows about 2 different families with lots of kids and neither family owns a TV!!!!
2. I DO use the TV as a babysitter to give me a break. My kids are also extremely addicted to media. To the point of, if they can't watch TV or play on the computer they sit around like bumps on a log complaining about not being able to watch TV or play computer.
I need help. A lot of help.

Tammy said...

This may be a whole blog post in at of itself! This is something that you need to taper your family off of. IMHO I have been doing it for a few years now. Start by replacing your T.V. time with other activities. Here are some great examples:

* Go fly a kite with the kids
* Start a Game Night for every Friday! Play Uno. Trade games with neighbors so you get lots of exposure without the cost!
* Start a dinner party night with neighbors. This could be done once a month or once a week, whatever will work best for your family.
* Read every night with your family.
*Start other fun traditions in your family culture that are repeatable.
Don't cause a divorce by going cold turkey on T.V. Make sure your husband is on board.

Best Tip:
I go back to the one piece of advice that I give for EVERYTHING! PRAY ABOUT IT! Ask your Heavenly Father for help. If you feel it is right for your family, then by all means... go for it! The Most High God will help you.