2012 School Theme: " Linking our Eternal Family"

Each year, I pray, plan and ponder... this year is no exception. God has spoken quiet peace to my soul about this year. I am very excited. Here are a few things for this year that we have planned.

(This is an ongoing blog post. Check back for more ideas as they are being collected continually.)

Sept: Visit Chesterfield for Kick Off (Labor Day)
Learn the how to's, collect information, get organized. Start extended family blog for easy sharing.
Oct: Start scanning data and pictures collected, Visit DUP Museum in SLC, Church Archives in SLC, visit graves, Aunt Norma (my grandmother's sister and my oldest living relative) My ancestors settled Tooele and she has promised us a tour! Get copies of pictures from her. Interview about mother and grandmother.
Nov: Emphasis on ancestors attributes, their sacrifices, and what kind of people they are. What can we learn from their lives? Search journals and notebook thoughts.
Dec: Continue scanning data and make copies of discs. Make Family History related Christmas gifts for extended family.
Jan: Ancestor Spotlight- Each person choose a person and get detailed information. Share at last FHE of month.

Monthly Goal: 
300 Names submitted as a family for Indexing. Sparkle and Spice: Baptisms for the dead at Temple at least once a month. Mom and Dad Temple attendance: 1 day out of 10.

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