Linking Eternity Family Unit Study

Our family is venturing into a year long unit study. It is super exciting!

Yesterday my older daughters got to do 'Baptisms for the Dead' at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. It was beautiful to walk around the grounds with the other kids while we were waiting for them.

I asked George what his favorite part was and he said "Jesus!" How cute is that?

Kaden said his favorite part was when we toured the Beehive house. He thought the bees and the train track carved into the stair case.

Braxee enjoyed going to the Family History Library. We had a couple ladies there teach Kylee and Aubree some neat stuff on the computers there. Afterwards, we enjoyed the Joseph Smith movie there at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

We also went to the Records building which is across the street from the Conference Center. Their website was down but they still took the opportunity to show us a few things. Some of the key things I learned there are:

*You can request patriarchal blessings for your direct line ancestors
*You can request to see materials in the morning and they will have them all lined up for you that day when you come. You can request to see photographs, journals, family heirlooms, etc.
*You can donate your own items and they will preserve them for you. They are all about preserving and sharing. VERY COOL!

He also taught me that most of the old newspapers are now digitized. That is awesome. You can even go to digitalnewspapers.org and put a name or phrase in their search engine and it will bring up images of newspapers that have them.  I just found out that my my 5th great grandfather was a SENATOR! Very cool. Here is the link:


What a cool way to get to know your ancestors even more. It was a very successful day! The girls are even more fired up about getting to know their ancestors more. ME TOO!

Chesterfield, ID was a massive success. I love family UNITS!

Each week, we work a little bit on our goal. We have been collecting records, information, photographs. We even started a blog all about our grandma so we can preserve her memory and share it with future generations. Now, everyone can share images and stories of her. :)

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