Natural Healing For Families, Part One

Healing Tips Every Mom Should Know:
(You use these at your own discretion, of course.)

Lavender Essential Oil: Scraped Knee, cut, burn. Apply topically. Put a drop or two on the back of your child's neck before bedtime or if they get hyper and need to turn it down a notch. I have even found it nice for myself when I need to relax or calm down. My kids go straight to the lavender oil instead of the triple antibiotic ointment. It even works great for bee stings and bug bites.

Ear Ache: Onion: Slow cook an onion and put inside a zip lock bag, opened. Then rest on resting child's ear between a layer of kitchen towel. The onion and the warmth will both give relief to an ear ache. (Just don't burn the poor kid!) You can also apply a drop of basil oil diluted with a couple drops of a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. Apply it behind the ear for immediate relief. I also ear candle my kids ears when they have a painful infection. You'll have to ask someone else or google how to do that though. :)

Croopy Cough: Follow directions as above but place on the chest so they child can breath in the onion. Also, slow cook a half of a white or yellow onion, chopped with about 2 Tbsp of water and 1/2 cup of raw honey. SLOW COOK ON VERY LOW TEMP for about 90 minutes. Strain this mixture, pressing out as much liquid as you can get. Give a tsp of the mixture every hour until it is completely gone. This is only for children above the age of 1. I recommend feeding very nutritional foods such as green leafy foods, broths and little or no red meat while body is trying to recover. Put a couple drops of eucalyptus oil on the bottom of the feet. You can also diffuse the oil into a diffuser with lavender. Dilute with carrier oil and rub on chest and back. A couple drops of peppermint and lavender oils on the bottom of feet will help bring down a fever quickly. Check to see how the body's systems are working. Is the child able to eliminate? If not, take care of that... bringing us to our next section.

Constipation: If it's just a day or if it's hard to come out, drink more water. You can also add apple juice, prune juice or REAL grape juice. Rub lavender on the tummy and bottom of feet. Rub the bottom of feet good, paying special attention to the arch area closest to the heel. It might be painful at first so massage lightly at first. I also highly recommend "Digestzen" from DoTerra. It is great for ALL Digestion Troubles. There is a tea you can buy called "Senna Tea" and it works really well. If that doesn't work and you have tried everything else, I wouldn't hesitate to do an enema or suppository. Also, does your child have a good, friendly bacteria like bifidus or acidopholus? If this is a chronic problem with this child, limit starchy foods and dairy to see if this helps. Keep a food journal.

TMI ALERT: When I was a little girl, my mom would have all of us go on a juice diet for 3 days and my grandma would come and give us all an enema. It doesn't sound the funnest, but it keeps your body cleansed. ;)

When I am giving my little ones an enema, I use a very gentle solution of barley warm water with a tiny bit of acidopholus. I use one of those baby bulbs. (You know the kind you suck the snot out with.) I'd use a very small amount.) Boil and clean completely well at first. Lubricate well with baby oil or something else like vaseline.

If you want to talk to an expert about any of the above or other health issues, feel free to contact my brother who is a professional Iridologist and Herbalist.  His name is Jeremy Dannehl and his number is 801-622-2499.


He is single too for any of my friends out there looking for a good man. He is a good cook, loves to be outside in the garden, camping, hiking, and more. ;) Feel free to look him up on Facebook too.

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Shelly said...

Yay Tammy!!! I am looking forward to the rest of this series. We have just started using oils and looking to natural remedies in our home. Can't wait to hear more!