Future Mother's Camp 2013

2013 Future Mothers Camp

(The Boys Only Day Camp Details were just announced too!)

I am very pleased to announce the details for the 

2013 'Future Mother's' Youth Camp
Theme: "FREE TO BE YOU!"
A Camp Designed For Home Educated Girls by a Homeschool Mom, Ages 8+. 
There are 2 different groups of ages. 8-11, 12-16!!

Dates: June 13, 14, 15

Arrival 2 pm on Thursday. 
Departure 10 am on Saturday.

What will be included?

Hands on Cooking Classes
 Sewing & Art Projects
 Free Time with Friends
Make New Homeschooling Friends
 Zumba Exercise Fun
Yummy & Wholesome Camping Food
 Campfire Songs & Stories
 Team Building Activities
 Fun Outdoor Activities
Archery Shooting
 Water Games
Journal Craft
 Class on Positive Self Expression
 Journaling Workshop
 Easy Hair Styles & Photography Fun
Beautiful Mountainous Atmosphere
Confidence Building
 Giant Tug of War
Modesty Presentation
Giant Parachute Game
 Free to Be YOU & MORE!!!

 (With lots of homeschooling Mom Leaders, it makes it a safe, fun environment to make lasting friendships with loads of learning!!)

Please click here to view pictures from last year's FUTURE MOTHER'S CAMP!!

Space is limited and will fill up quickly. Same location as last year. It's only 4 miles up the canyon from Brigham City, making it a convenient, short drive. Set up a carpool with friends & make it easier!! We will be camping in tents with 1 mom leader per tent!!


How to register:  Send an email to wcheftammy@msn.com with subject line: "Future Mother's Camp." Include your daughter's name and age, with contact information. Spaces are limited. This will get your daughter's name on our list. I am in the process of setting up a paypal account. That will be easier for everyone.  The money will be due by April 1st. 
(3 weeks) I will contact everyone on the list with a link. Thank you!

If you'd rather mail me a check, please send me an email and I will email you my mailing address. If you are interested in being a mom leader, please contact me privately. We have a couple spots left for mom leaders where discounts will be available. THANK YOU!!

Take a peek at the Boys Only Day Camp Details too. Click Here!

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