Positive Affirmations and Happy Thoughts!!

I absolutely love learning about the power of positive affirmations. More and more lives are being changed for the better by the validity of reprogramming of your old thought patterns. Why feel like a victim if you can be empowered? Why accept mediocrity when you can have greatness? I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT THIS! (Have you read my Birth Affirmations from last year? THEY HELPED SO MUCH!!)

Here are some great affirmations I found on a website I have been clicking on lately. I give her complete credit and would like to encourage you over to her website! I look forward to the day I get to meet her! Her name is Carolyn Cooper. She teaches the Simply Healed Method. It sounds super impressive!! She lists these affirmations as a great way to raise your vibration. I am going to print these off and put them in my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. What other ideas do you have to raise your vibration?


I am physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally balanced and healthy

I am joyful for the success of others
Money supports me / Money is my friend
There is enough money for everyone There is plenty for me
I am no longer attaching my self-worth to my doings
I bring out the best in other people
I am heard / I am understood I am supported / I live and move in joy
I receive my lessons and awareness quickly and I am free to heal
I am receiving inspiration that comes to me effortlessly
I am experiencing my relationships getting better and better all the time
I am validating my children's emotions
I forgive myself for the times that I have judged myself for not doing well enough
I have healthy boundaries
I am attracting that which brings me joy

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