Mom's Renewal Retreat 

Do you feel like YOU could use a BOOST?


Do you just want a FUN weekend break with other 
MOMS who UNDERSTAND your goals?! 

Then, this Mom's Only Renewal Retreat is for YOU!

May 17-18, 2013 
Friday @ 4 pm - Saturday @ 4 pm
Bear Hollow Lakes Resort in Northern UT.
20 minutes west of Logan, 40 minutes north of Ogden.

What will we be doing?

* 4 pm on Friday: Doors Open!! Come join us as you can.

* Nourishing, Delicious Dinner

Featured Workshop: Top Notch Ideas to THRIVE AS A HOMESCHOOL MOM

* Time to network & share ideas. Enjoy other mama's company. 

* Enjoy the huge hot tub, theater room, the deck, or other captivating areas on this beautiful 5 star resort. 

* Learn some great organization systems used by other successful homeschooling moms. 

* RELAX. Go for a walk around the lake. Have quiet time to REFLECT around the lake or manicured grounds of the resort.

* Moms will get a wonderful recharge and passion for their special role.


* A Lovely Breakfast 

* Tools for "Building Positive Family Culture." This will be an interactive presentation with small group discussions. You also get to go home with some amazing tools & ideas!!

* Scrumptious Southwestern Salad will be served for lunch

* Refreshing Snacks and Drinks

* Each attendee will receive some exciting gifts!! One of them will be the new audio talk on cd from Jenny Phillips, called "What Matters Most."

* Amazingly unique opportunity for you to bond with other like minded homeschooling moms. Come and be uplifted!!

Cost: Only $119.00 for 24 HOURS of RENEWAL TIME. (Less than $5 an hour)

Includes Everything. Lodging accommodations in our 5 Star Resort, laughter, comfort, activities, pampering, workshops, understanding, new friends, three meals, snacks, motivation,  plus gifts and tools to go home with.


Can I bring my baby?
Breastfed babes in arms are welcome.

Will I have my own bed?
No. You will be sharing with another mom. (Invite a friend!) You can bring your own linen or sleeping bags to sleep on top of the bed, or be responsible the following morning to wash, dry and make your own bed. There are 8 new machines, near each bedroom area. You are also welcome to bring your own air mattress, if you prefer. There is a lot of room!! (6,700 sq. ft)

Is there any way to get a discount?
Yes. I will need helpers for different things. Please email me a list of your talents, interests and family's brief homeschooling story. 

What if I am not homeschooling, but only considering it?
Please come! You will see the amazing community that homeschooling offers. Moms LOVE to network and share by our nature. This has been absolutely evident in my homeschooling journey. You will meet friends for life! Come and learn how to THRIVE as a homeschool mom!

Is this ONLY for LDS moms?
No. Everyone is welcome to attend!! We will have some information in our workshops that will have quotes from LDS Prophets and Scripture. We will begin and end with a prayer and bless the food before we eat. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka LDS) and we invite ALL to attend. 

What do I do if I have dietary restrictions?
Our meals will be gluten free, naturally. We will be serving some delicious, healthy meals. If you have other concerns, please let me know when you register. You will have your choice of no meat or dairy as well at each meal. I will be sending out a detailed menu a couple weeks before the event.

To Register, please email wcheftammy@msn.com and add your name to the list.   You will want to do that so you don't miss out! I am certain we will fill up quickly! I will email you once I get paypal set up in a couple weeks, then you can pay for the amount at that time. Thank you. 

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