'LDS Energy Work Retreat' In The Works!!

I am excited to share a few of the details for an event I am planning.

Each attendee will choose how her retreat will go. We will be enjoying luxurious accommodations at the Prestigious 'Bear Hollow Lakes Resort.'

The resort offers an amazing line up of relaxation and fun things to do with friends. The entire venue whispers privacy, fun and love. In fact, the owner is an LDS foot zoning mama herself. The property manager is a massage therapist who also practices energy work.

This place is perfect. I know all who come will be uplifted and edified.

Right now, I am looking for a small number of helpers who would like to attend for a small fee. If you are one of them, please email or text me soon so I can interview you to see if the fit would be right.

More details coming soon!!

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