Winter Homeschool Conference Discount Pricing Ends Soon!!

By Paije Peck

This is the first video for the video contest. There are two more coming! 

Thanks to all who participated. A great big shout out for everyone who is helping our conference to go viral. Some people aren't even coming because they homeschool. Some are coming for great ideas to bond and unify their families. Others are wondering what kind of support homeschoolers have in Utah. Actually, there are already people registered from 6 states! (Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.) Many are coming to connect with other homeschool families and get the mid-year refresher!

Our goal is to gather 400 youth and 300 adults!!

Our presenters are a tremendous group! We are so blessed to be able to put this professional,uplifting conference on. We are so excited for the magical night of the Family Ball!

For more details, please go to 

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Discounted Registration is Available Through Thanksgiving Day at Midnight!
Don't Delay!

ONLY $35.00 Adult Admission
$25.00 Spouse Admission
$18.00 Youth Admission (or $15!*)
$5.00 Dance Admission Per Person
$20.00 Dance Admission Per Family

**$15.00 YOUTH 'SHARE' DEAL!!** When You 'Share' this event With Other HS YOUTH You Know! Thank you for sharing! You rock!
Prices go up after Thanksgiving Day!

$55.00 Adult & $45.00 Spouse Admission
$30.00 Youth Admission
$10.00 Dance Admission Per Person
$40.00 Per Family

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