Winter Family Ball & Scholarships

Register Here: http://www.winterhomeschoolconference.com/ball.html
Conference Discount Pricing Extended Once More! Get your tickets now!


I will be doing five drawings this week for scholarship registrations. If you know a homeschooling family that would like to attend the ball and conference, but their financial situation does not permit them to, please submit their name along with a couple details about them, including phone and email. You are allowed to nominate yourself. Their names will be kept private. Only they will be notified for privacy protection. Please privately submit that information to me at wcheftammy@msn.com. 

On a very personal note: I grew up in a family where my mom was single much of the time with six of us kids. There were many days we didn't know where our next meal was coming from, literally. I know there are families who are homeschooling that are in need. I would like to help. Thank you for helping me to help. If you would like to donate to more scholarships, please also send a private email so we can arrange that. Thank you so much.

Tammy Ward

The Winter Family Ball is exclusively for homeschooling families AND THEIR FRIENDS! If you have a family that YOU JUST KNOW WOULD LOVE THIS, THEY ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US! PLEASE HAVE THEM REGISTER TOO! Tickets are ridiculously low right now through Dec 11th.

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