Avoid Burn Out!

 This is a response I sent to another LDS TJED Mother when she asked for help. Please excuse if you do not belong to the same faith I do. It is directed to someone that belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Even if you are not, you may find some of the suggestions worthwhile.

From Tammy:

Satan knows us. Wow. That is probably not the first thing you were expecting to read in an email today. But. It. Is. True. He knows you. He knows your weaknesses and strengths. Just because our memory is not there, doesn't mean his is not there. He wants you to fail. There it is. He knows the importance of your mission you are trying to carry out. He knows the value of each of your children and their missions too.  He hates them and does not want any of them to succeed. I know you are dealing with some issues from your upbringing. We all are. But, here is the thing. HOPE is medicine for the soul. Your Savior, Jesus Christ has paid the price. Through the Atonement, you can literally give your burden to him. This is what I recommend. He knows how to succor His people. You need to ask for help!! This is what I do.

1. THROW THAT T.V. away! Today. Donate it.  All of them. Make them gone. They are sucking your life away. They are winning. Don't let them. Get rid of them. All the way, girl. You can do it. It has changed my life and will not believe the difference it will make in your whole family. It's like a band aid. Just get rid of it today. I can tell you want the change bad enough. You will get change.

2. Every time you are struggling, (even 20 times a day, if needed) go into your bedroom and lock the door. Get on your knees and pour your heart out. Turn it over to Jesus, girl. Give it to Him and He will lighten your load. He will make this bearable for you. Tell your Heavenly Father how you are struggling. Ask Him to guide you. Then, with a pen and paper in hand, listen. Ponder. Write. He will give you what you desire. Fast regularly.

3. Ask for help! Don't hold blessings back from others who are perfectly willing and able. Let them help you!!

4. Stop "school" now. Do not make them do anything for a month. Take this time for renewal. Tell your kids that they are allowed to: 1: Help you get the house mended and clean. 2: Read good books. 3: Play outside.  4. Fast and pray about the upcoming school year. (Take it away from them for a while and you will be surprised how they will respond when they get "school" back.)

5. Consider asking for a Priesthood blessing. The Lord will let you know what a good job you are actually doing. He focuses on the positive and the guidance I am sure you will receive will help you a ton.

6. Start taking B vitamins several times throughout the day. I almost feel guilty how much they calm me down! (he he) I am normally quite a high strung person, but with b vitamins in my system, I can get along with patience and calmness. I am a different person. I don't get so overwhelmed. I can handle everything so much better.

7. Look into EFT. (emotional freedom technique) It is real and it works. I recommend using someone who has a strong Testimony. It will help you with these blockages you are dealing with. (feeling that everything you touch fails, etc.)

8. Start a gratitude journal. Every time you think of something, run and add it. I'd keep it next to your bed.

9. Hang positive notes. I will send you a few of mine. They don't have to look fancy. Just grab some blank copy paper and a sharpie.

10. Only play peaceful, positive music that invites the Holy Ghost into your home.

11. Find a neighbor or girl friend you trust to take your kids for at least 5 hours. Do something you enjoy.

I am writing a book about mothers. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. GOD SEES YOU. HE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE. There are mothers giving up but we need you to stand on Gods side.

YOU ARE A CHERISHED, BELOVED DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. That is the one thing Satan does not want you to believe. But it s true. You were reserved for the Last days for a reason. You are not weak in Spirit. You are strong. Go to the Temple and He will give you more strength. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU. MAY GOD BLESS OVER YOUR FAMILY.

I pray for all mothers. I know what power and influence you have over many future generations. Do you? God does. The adversary does. You should have an inkling. Ask your Father in Heaven to relate that information to you. He wants you to know your worth. Life is not just to be endured, but also enjoyed.

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Shelly said...

Oh Tammy, I read this today and it helped me so much, and I wasn't even struggling much right now. I enjoyed meeting you and your family so much at the Fort Buenaventura activity and now to have found your blog I feel truly blessed.
You are an amazing woman and I hope I can get to know you better so that I can glean encouragement, tips, and inspiration from you.