Summer School?

The most popular question I get lately is "So do you guys take your summer off from your school??" NO WAY!

 We love that our "school" is a part of daily life. We are always learning. No. Matter. What. So, it's summer  time. Think about all the kids are learning!!

My kids still read a ton, just like normal. They beg me to go to the library, still. They don't read because they have to, they read because they LOVE to. We have been really blessed to have freedom from public school shackles. Our kids have had the blessed opportunity to really fall in love with learning. They are still doing science experiments in their free time, hiding with their latest books, and practicing some amazing recipe concoctions among other things.

The differences now are that they get to play outside with the goats and chickens, help in the garden, go swimming, camping, hiking, tubing, etc. (Mostly P.E. or Science, it seems after thinking about it. That's not to say they haven't been working on writing their books, writing in their journals, doing MATH in everyday life, etc. It is exciting to go to Family Reunions and reconnect, find new camping spots to explore, cook in our solar oven, plan and carry out new yard upgrades, visit exciting field trip spots.

One of the highlights of our summer is the Home Stay Program. We are getting our 12 year old girl from Japan on July 25th. Her name is Hana and we are very happy to teach her about our culture and way of life. We always learn more about the culture in that part of the world when we have visitors from there. This is a very hands on learning experience. I love it when they cook us an authentic Japanese meal too. The girls are going to "YW Girls Camp" with our Church the day after she gets here. The next week is going to be a blast too! I have some fun things planned!


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Lisa said...

I love your response. I always feel guilty, like I am confessing to doing something wrong, when I have to tell people we homeschool in the summer. There is so much pressure for me from family to give the poor things a break.