"A Burning Testimony"

This post is to tell about my daughter, Sparkle. She had a mishap while we were hunting. She and I were making breakfast for everyone. She was taking the boiling water off of the Camp Chef. She forgot it had legs, so when it hit the legs and tilted, it poured the boiling water down her leg.

I paused for just a moment and then grabbed her and we moved toward the water storage. The water was very cold and we let it run on her burned leg for a few minutes. Luckily, my father in law and brother in law were both there with us and they got some consecrated oil and gave her a Priesthood blessing immediately after. I then got the DoTerra Lavender oil I always carry with me and generously covered the burn with it. I did this again an hour after that.
8/25/2012, Day 4.

We prayed so hard. She was hurting quite badly. We stayed up there because that was what we felt we should do. This happened on a Wednesday morning. Thursday night she was in so much pain. I kneeled down next to her and poured my heart out to God. I pleaded with Him to take her pain to an absolute minimum, to allow her to heal, allow her to sleep, and also that we would know what to do. I prayed that angels would attend both of us. For comfort, knowledge and for her relief.

8/26/2012, Day 5 The brown stuff is the cream.

Only seconds after I ended my sincere prayer beside her, I started getting thoughts and direction about what to do next. I hadn't had her leg elevated up until this point. Immediately, I explained to her that I had not been trained in healing burns. However, I was getting guidance from the Master Physician. I told her I knew that it sounded crazy, but I wanted her to put her leg way up on like 4 pillows. (I thought it sounded crazy at the time, but I was willing to follow directions from the Spirit.)

8/27/2012, Day 6

The next morning, Friday... She said she had been praying that morning and though she didn't want to ruin everyone's fun... she really felt that she needed to go home. I prayed about it too and felt the same way. I gathered up all the dirty laundry, stuff for the baby and we got in the Excursion and set out for home. It took us from 10 am until 4 pm to get home because I felt there was something wrong with the excursion and was prompted to go slow. Turns out, the steering wheel connection was loose, the sway bar link bushings broken and one of the brakes was pulling too tight. So, you add that to a 4 inch lift on an already big truck... Ya. You are thinking what I am thinking. Angels were absolutely watching over us.
8/29/2012, Day 8.

The Lord sent us another angel when we got home. My sweet friend and neighbor, Sarah (who was also taking care of our animals) arrived not too long after we did. We explained to her what had happened. The darling woman! Do you know what she did? She brought us over dinner!! Lasagna!! Salad!! Garlic bread!! That was perfect since we didn't have any food in the house at the time. She also brought over some entertainment for Kylee to keep busy. She brought some great movies and books!! What a relief it is to have such sweet friends that rescue like this. I am so grateful! Also, my mom came right away and stayed for two nights helping me to care for Kylee and the baby. I had loads of laundry and the house was in need of some major help. I am so grateful I have such a great mama! Angels in disguise.

8/31/2012, Day 10.

That night, Kylee's leg wasn't looking too good. I felt a strong prompting that I needed more help. I needed more people praying and even fasting for Kylee. I sent out a text to about 15 friends & family. I got a call from a good friend and neighbor, Clarrisa. I went over to her house at midnight and she gave me a cream for Kylee's leg. By morning, it had already begun to look like it was getting better. Kylee could even walk on it where as the night before she could not. It had become quite painful for her. She only had two days where she was taking IB Profin, which is something we normally do NOT do, but I felt in this instance, we could make an exception.

9/4/2012, Day 14.

By the second day of using this cream, it almost appeared a miracle. I could  feel the powerful influence of angels. I am so incredibly grateful for a God in Heaven who is our Father and who loves us. I know He hears our prayers and He answers them. What a great testimony builder this experience has been for both Kylee and I. I believe in MIRACLES. They happen everyday.

Also 9/4/2012, 2 weeks

We didn't know exactly what would happen. We only knew that when God speaks, we listen and we know He is watching over us. We followed His careful instructions and did everything we were told to do. God does listen and He does care. Her leg is healed now and it only took a remarkably short time.

A couple days later..

The cream? It's called "Dr. Christopher's Complete Bone and Tissue Repair" and I got a few more containers from Amazon and we used them all. Additionally, we used Lavender and Melaleuca Oils, Silver Shield from Nature's Sunshine, Coconut oil and Aloe Vera Gel. We cut a ziplock bag in half and laid that over the top of the burn. Then, wrapped it with an ace bandage. We very generously slathered the comfrey cream from Dr. Christopher's on her leg. Everyday she took a shower and as the skin would just fall right off. Then, she carefully rinsed it.

9/29/2012, About a month later.
 I was also giving her natural infection fighters internally, just in case as a preventative. I was giving her IF (Infection Fighter) from Butterfly Express, Colloidal Silver from Natures Sunshine and extra B Vitamins to help her body deal with the added stress.

You know, sometimes you experience trials that are really, really hard. And... your testimony really, really grows. I am so grateful for this trial. Sparkle had a great experience of following the Lord's voice. She had to really lean upon Him and I am sure she will never forget this experience as I know I will never forget it.


Lynette said...

May I ask what made you decide to try natural healing? I can tell this is not something new for you to do in an emergency situation, but I'm not sure I'd have the clarity of thought to not rush to the hospital! I know there was a lot of prayer and faith involved and I certainly believe that in every scary situation there should be faith and prayer -- not just medicine and doctors -- but how do you know what to use and how to use it and if it's even effective (how long it should appropriately take for something to heal)?

I have quite a few very good friends who use natural healing (essential oils?) and I guess I am just too skeptical of it to really try it for myself or my family. Would you be willing to share how you came to use natural healing? I am truly curious and I hope that I am not sounding rude or arrogant in my questioning...

~Sincerely, Lynette

Shelly said...

Amazing Tammy!!! I am so happy everything turned out so well. I am so impressed with how you used natural healing. I am JUST getting on that boat and have a long way to go. The Lord does provide for us!

Tammy said...

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would use natural healing remedies with us... and they worked. I've experienced firsthand many miracles with simple common sense and prayer. First, study. Second, Pray. My brother, Jeremy Dannehl owns "Herbs For Health" in Ogden, UT on 27th and Washington Blvd. He is an iridologist and really knows his stuff. He has been a good mentor. I also have other friends that I have consulted. Essential oils are amazing. I will write up another blogpost because I know this could get really, really long.