The Presidential Debate/ Mitt Romney

I would like to comment briefly about the First Presidential Debate that happened tonight. I have been praying for our country and asking God to help save our freedom. The very freedom we enjoy today is because of the Founding Fathers and their courage. We, as a country have been throwing it away. I have so much hope after the debate this evening and let me explain why. Mitt Romney has confidence. He has experience in making a difference in Massachusetts. I am proud to say I am voting for him because to me a vote for Mitt is literally a vote for fiscal freedom for America's future generations.

He was well poised and did not let Barack walk all over him. He made sure he made his point. I went straight to his website and read more details about the plan he has for our country when he comes into office. I am so impressed with him. I love America. We need a great leader and I believe Mitt is the man for the job.

Meet Mitt by clicking on the ten minute video link here:


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